Common Questions
Are my credit card numbers secure?
  Yes. We do not store any credit card numbers. That is why you are required to re-enter your credit card number each time you come back to the site and make a purchase.
What is your return policy?
  We offer a seven day return policy. Please make sure you place proper insurance when you ship coins back.
Do you support earlier version of Internet Explorer?
  Microsoft has stopped supporting earlier versions of Internet Explorer. We support Internet Explorer 10 and the more current Microsoft Edge. Earlier versions should work, but there may be some visual inconsistencies.
Why do I have to have cookies enabled to use the site?
  We only use cookies so we can display the right data on the right pages - for example, items in your shopping cart. We use a form of cookie that only exists while your browser is open, and it never writes any information to your disk. We can not use cookies to track where you have been on the Internet.
Do you sell or give away any of my personal information?
  Absolutely not! All information you give us during a purchase is kept completely private.