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1921 Morgan Dollar - Zerbe NGC PF61 $8,650

A very special, rare offering here. In 1921 an unknown quantity (although 150 – 200 Zerbe Special Strike Morgan Dollars are believed to exist) of the Zerbe proof issues were struck for the politically powerful numismatic figure, Farran Zerbe, upon resumption of the Morgan dollar design in 1921. The pinpoint detailing and lightly mirrored surfaces on the Zerbe proofs alert the viewer to its special origin. The diagnostics for this issue are visible as outlined: a tiny die line runs from the left tip of the second U in UNUM to the rim; the first 1 shows its left bottom serif above the center of a dentil, and the right edge of the last 1 is a tad right of the left edge of e dentil. A very cool offering. Brilliant and very nice for the grade.

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